A Day In The Life

Rosie Duffield

Rosie Duffield

Posted 01 March 2014

New York Program

September 2008 Intake

Rosie has been working as the Weekend Breakfast presenter at BBC Radio Lincolnshire since June 2013. She works three days a week, with one day for show prep and two mornings on air.

"Typically, on a Friday I start work around 930am. I get into the office, sort through the emails that have come in through the week and then look at my running orders (scripts) for the weekend.

I have two producers who set up content for the shows, so I'll chat through the lead stories and find out if I have any pre-recorded interviews to do. I often have to do phone interviews with people on Friday if they're unavailable to either come into the studio or do a phone interview with me in the morning.

On Saturday mornings I also run a guide to the weekend as part of my show, so I research things that are going on around the county and set up guests to talk to, get audio for the latest films and choose a BBC Introducing track to promote as part of that segment.

As part of my Sunday show I host the Gardening Phone-in. I know very little about gardening (thankfully I have experts that come in to do all the hard work!) so I always do a bit of research on things that should be done in the garden at the moment in case I need something to talk about.

I check the running orders and audio one more time before I head home around 6pm, have a quick dinner and head to bed around 8:30pm.

Anyone who knew me on my Mountbatten intake will be amused to hear that I get up at 4am on Saturday and Sunday – I like my sleep, so the early starts are a bit of a struggle! I'm at work by 5am to check over the scripts one more time, make sure my audio is in the playout system in the right order and get the news and weather together - I read the bulletins for the first hour before the newsreader arrives.

I go into the studio at about ten to five, and take control from 5Live – we take their output overnight, so I need to transfer the output to BBC Radio Lincolnshire. I go live at 6am with a news bulletin, then head straight into the show. On Saturday I present until 9am; I normally take about half an hour to wind down and then make sure everything is sorted for Sunday's show. I finish work around 10 or 11am, and do it all again on Sunday – though the show ends at 10am on Sundays.

I'm also the Albums Editor for website Muso's Guide, which keeps me busy on my days off from presenting – but I'm often called in to cover other shifts on the radio, so I might present Afternoons or Drive.

I'm incredibly lucky to do something I love. Although it's quite tiring and I've had to sacrifice my weekends, it's the best job I've ever had".