A Day In The Life

Joanna Wiggins

Joanna Wiggins

Posted 01 May 2014

New York Program

January 2008 Intake

I'm currently the global content manager for JimmyChoo.com, which essentially means I plan, create and then track all of our online content. This ranges from laying out homepages, to building newsletters and thinking up new ways to present and market collection launches online. It's my job to think up new content, and to identify what type of content will resonate with our customer and convert into sales.

A typical day for me varies a lot depending on what projects we're currently working on for the site, for instance, we just launched in-language French and German sites this week, so recently my day has started by testing the new sites to make sure the translations haven't broken anything.

I usually spend an hour day catching up with our studio to ensure the product photography is on track for our next collection launch, or briefing our creative team and selecting products for our next campaign shoot.

I meet with my content team every morning to run through the weeks launches and content changes, then will spend some time with our Graphic Designers ensuring all our new layouts and emails look good.

Generally my afternoons are spent in meetings, running through upcoming projects. These range from the more functional, such as planning out a Japanese version of the site and the different content this will need, to more fun projects (for me anyway) like deciding on how we want our Christmas campaign to look, or how we want to try and recreate a 'Bridal Boutique' experience online.

I usually leave my copyrighting to the end of the day, where I'll take some time writing email and site copy, and making sure our newsletter subject lines are strong.

We plan in a campaign shoot roughly every two months, so generally I'll be out of the office for a few days on location, making sure all our upcoming imagery is onbrand, but also shows off our products in enough detail to make people comfortable buying them online.