A Day In The Life

Barbara Sellmeyer

Barbara Sellmeyer

Posted 01 June 2014

London Program

March 2011 Intake

Barbara Sellmeyer (March 2011 - London): In February this year, I actually quit my job to pursue a career that would push me further, and it was the best (and riskiest) decision I have made to date. After a month and a half of interviews I landed my dream job with Percolate. Percolate is a content marketing platform that helps brands create content at scale. There is a new challenge facing brands today, and that is the ability to keep up with social. Percolate is on the forefront of this new industry and helps brands in all areas of the content creation process. My role is to help manage accounts after the sale, and most importantly renewing and expanding their business to new markets. It's a really exciting role as I am working with the top Fortune 500 brands in the world and on an international level. At present, my days are filled with running to different offices if they are in NYC, to meet with brands and their agencies, and reporting on their growth and progress since purchasing Percolate. I've been able to wrap up my experience thus far into this role to help consult in social across brands from Bacardi to HSBC. The company culture is amazing so it makes the long days easy to manage with a fun group of people and fun workspace that is located in Soho.

Percolate itself is rapidly growing following funding by Sequoia Capital, and this is on an international scale. We plan to open more international offices, and my goal would be to be stationed in our Singapore office. Socially, well I live in New York so the possibilities are endless on a day-to-day basis, and of course, I am keen to also keep travelling internationally any chance I get (and with an open vacation policy it's easier than ever!).