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Caroline Adams

Caroline Adams

Posted 01 September 2015

London Program

September 2011 Intake

Caroline Adams (September 2011 - London) is a graduate of the University of Texas - Austin. She is now a Bespoke Stylist at Knot Standard, a New York based custom menswear company. Inc magazine has just named Knot Standard as the #10 fastest growing retail company in US, and the #9 company overall in New York (out of 357). Check out the article.

Morning: My mornings start out differently depending on whether or not I'm meeting a client. If I have an appointment with a client, I will meet them at the Knot Standard Showroom HQ overlooking Madison Square Park to walk them through our fabric selection and product offering. If I have no client appointments, I start my morning out at the Marlton Hotel in their lobby cafe to go through previous client orders, respond to emails and do any catch up work.

Afternoon/Evening: If I work remotely in the morning, I will head into the showroom for the afternoon/evening. Our operations, production and social media/graphic design teams are all located in the NYC showroom. Although I work in direct sales, Knot Standard as a company is very collaborative, so I meet with the other teams on a daily basis. Since we are growing so quickly, we are constantly hiring and training new employees. I usually have a training session with a new employee each afternoon. I have some flexibility with my hours and will often work late in the evenings to accommodate my clients' busy work schedules.