A Day In The Life

David Thorley

David Thorley

Posted 01 March 2016

New York Program

September 2006 Intake

What do you do?
I work for GB Boxing as the England Talent Pathway Manager. My target is to deliver an effective and inclusive talent system that produces higher quality athletes at every level.

How did you get into this line of business?
The majority of my roles have been in sport, so it was a natural fit into this one. I only started this role in September 2015 and there are a few differences to what I have done previously. This role has a focus on the performance side of sport and I have never worked in boxing previously. My previous role was at the International Cricket Council in Dubai, so I have had to adapt to a very different culture within the sport.

What's the best thing about your current job?
The interaction with the coaches and boxers has been fantastic and I enjoy their passion for the sport. I'm looking forward to (hopefully) seeing some of our youth boxers progress in the years to come and represent Great Britain at the Olympics.

Who's the nicest personality you met have through your job?
One of the coaches I manage is someone I would never have crossed paths with unless I had this role, and he is a legend! From stories about his boxing days (he was a national champion in the 1990s) to his positive approach to life, he is someone who has made my transition into this sport easier.

Let's talk about a typical day. What time do you get up?
I am up quite early as we have two children under the age of three. Charlotte, our eldest, tends to get up at around 5:30am and I like to be up before her if possible. It used to be ok in Dubai, we would go for an hour's walk in the early morning sun but that isn't as nice an option in Sheffield! I leave the house at about 8:15 and walk a mile to the tram stop which then takes me to right outside the office. I am mostly in the office throughout the day, with time on the phone to coaches or some time in the gym watching coaching sessions.

Where do you have your lunch?
Typically at my desk which isn't a great habit! I try to get out of the office for a break but can sometimes get stuck into a task that needs doing so eat as I go.

What time do you normally leave your workplace at the end of the working day?
I leave more or less at 5pm each day, it's quite a relaxed culture here which is great.

How often do you travel for work?
I travel to London once a month for meetings with UK Sport and occasional events around England. There will be some international travel but not much, which is good as my previous role involved a lot of international travel and that wasn't ideal with a young family.

What's the best thing about living in Sheffield?
I had only visited Sheffield once before accepting the role so wasn't sure what to expect but we have been impressed with the city. It is very green with lots of parks and Peak District is very close so I am loving the contrast to the skyscrapers, seven lane motorways and deserts of Dubai!