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Cecile Oreste

Cecile Oreste

Posted 01 July 2016

London Program

March 2008 Intake

Cecile Oreste (London, March 2008), a graduate of Syracuse University, New York, recently took on the role of the Senior Marketing Manager at Signature Theatre, an Off-Broadway company in New York City. In this role, Cecile supervises three marketing associates and works with multiple departments to promote the organization's productions, events and other artistic programming. Post Mountbatten, Cecile decided to focus her job search on dance and theatre organizations, and describes how volunteering at a dance company let to her being offered her supervisor's position.

How did you get into this line of business?
Prior to Mountbatten, I worked in advertising sales. I enjoyed the work, but was never truly passionate about the clients or the mission of the company. I've always had a passion for the performing arts so when I returned to the States, I decided to focus my job search on dance and theater organizations. After volunteering at a dance organization for a few months, my supervisor asked me to apply for her position as she was moving out of town. I worked there for three years and most recently worked for an acting school before joining the Signature Theatre team.

Let's talk about a typical day. What time do you get up?
I'm fortunate to live just a few subway stops away from Signature so I wake up at 9am and leave my apartment by 9:30am to be at the office by 10am. A typical morning includes reading articles about Signature and our resident playwrights, as well as checking emails and our social media platforms for notifications. In the afternoon, I meet with my team or members of other departments to plan different aspects of our marketing strategy.

Where do you have your lunch?
I prep my meals for the week every Sunday so I usually eat both breakfast and lunch at my desk. Once in awhile, I'll go to lunch with a friend at a local diner or cafe.

What time do you normally leave your workplace at the end of the working day?
I normally leave work at 6pm. When members of the press attend our productions or when we host special events, I stay til about 10pm.

How often do you travel for work?
It has only been a few months since I started working at Signature so I haven't travelled for work yet, but I'm hoping to attend the National Arts Marketing Project conference this Fall in Austin, Texas.

For friends who have never been to New York (city where you work), what would you suggest they see and do?
Skip the expensive Broadway shows and see a show at Signature or any of the other amazing Off-Broadway theaters. You'll get a more intimate experience and possibly see some of your favorite film and TV stars perform! Go uptown and visit The Cloisters, a rebuilt monastery featuring medieval art. During the summer, take a ferry and spend the day at Governors Island. There are no cars so it's fun for biking, plus they have food trucks, a beer garden and several art galleries.