A Day In The Life

Henry Sage

Henry Sage

Posted 01 January 2017

New York Program

September 2009 Intake

Henry Sage (New York, September 2009), a graduate of Leeds Metropolitan University, currently works as a Business Development Manager for Mclcreate, a national live events company specialising in creative event production and audio-visual equipment. He is based in Soho Square and is responsible for acquiring new business revenue for the company from London based clients. However, he does like to finish the day with a "good pint of Nicholson’s Pale Ale at the Dog and Duck on Frith Street"!

How did you get into this line of business?
After graduating in Leeds, I started work at a small events and marketing company in Pudsey, West Yorkshire. (Yes, where the bear comes from!) I enjoyed the types of events I was getting involved with and started looking at opportunities in London.
Having seen the Mountbatten Institute on-line one or two years prior, I saw it as a good time to apply for the internship with nothing really to lose.

Let’s talk about a typical day.
My typical day consists of getting up at 7am, and doing either 20-30 minutes of exercise or meditation. I leave the house at around 8:15am, which gets me into work for about 8:45am, beginning at 9am. It’s a short commute on the Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus, which is a bit of a dream!

I start the day by looking at various types of online networking tools and reading a couple of industry news articles. It does change a bit day to day as to what lands on my desk. Working closely with our company’s CRM and Project Management system, I look to identify potential business targets to reach out to via phone and email communication.

Where do you have your lunch?
Somewhere new every day! This is not sustainable however. There is never a dull lunch hour in Soho, I honestly think a new place opens every week. It’s fantastic, we’re spoilt here. I am very fond of the new sandwich place ‘Make Mine’ on Dean Street, albeit a little pricey!

How would you spend a typical afternoon?
An afternoon is not too dissimilar from the morning. I generally feel people are more relaxed and open to conversation in the afternoon, so I will make sure to do a good number of client phone calls, which I may have put off in the morning! I often have afternoon meetings set up with clients, where I’ll either go to their office or vice versa, or preferably a drinking establishment!

What time do you normally leave your workplace at the end of the working day?
My working day ends at 6pm. I’ll normally leave around 6:30pm, as that gives me half an hour if needed to do any personal tasks or admin. Oxford Circus is a busy tube station, and it often closes for 20 minutes or so around 5:45 – 6:15, so I deliberately avoid that!

How often do you travel for work?
Nationally, as often as business requires. Internationally, rarely. This is fine for me. It’s nice to get out of London every so often, but not too often! It’s one of the best cities in the world.

What's your favourite place to hang out after work?
Again, where do I start? There are so many options in Soho, I like to mix it up all the time and try somewhere new. I do like a good pint of Nicholson’s Pale Ale at the Dog and Duck on Frith Street, and The Ship on Wardour Street has a good vibe. If the night progresses, I’ll head to one of the many tapas bars for nibbles and wine, followed by a speakeasy cocktail bar – Basement Sate is my fave. Oh aye!