A Day In The Life

Teri Sillo

Teri Sillo

Posted 01 June 2017

New York Program

March 2010 Intake

Teri, a graduate of The University of Liverpool and also Birmingham College of Law where she did her Bar exams, leads an interesting and varied professional life. She has a role as a Business Manager for her Local Council (Middlesborough), and is also the Founder and Director of a start up called "Boldly Artistic". Last month Teri posted on LinkedIn photos of herself presenting at the Ubuntu Platform "Emerging Women" conference on 6th May at Conway Hall, London. In Teri's words, this one stands out with a clear message: "At all times you must stand tall in your greatness - especially in the face of opposition. If you must cower do not let the opposition see it. Stand tall" #strength #resilience. Here she describes a typical day in her working life.

My Alarm Goes off... at 6.50am

I'm Responsible For...

My job

My art

My music

My writing

My husband

I Got The Job...
Although I am a barrister by calling, I currently work as a Business Manager at my local council. More importantly, I hired myself! - I am the Founder and Director of a startup called 'Boldly Artistic.' It is a pretty new company; I am in the process of setting up a website for it but I have taken on a few commissioned paintings and I am in liaison with a gallery in London as well as others in the North East of England where I reside. I aim to have an exhibition before the end of the year. My business model is not only targeted towards furnishing corporate venues with original and vibrant art pieces, but also towards people from marginalised backgrounds having the ability to express their creativity in an open forum through the medium of art. In the near future, I will be dedicated to my artwork and creative development on a full-time basis.

My Typical Day...
I wish I had one! I wake up and get to work at 9am. I usually write a list of tasks that I aim to get through by the end of the day and work through that. If I get through three quarters of that list, I consider myself successful as I tend to exaggerate my 'to do' list! My job involves a combination of business analysis, market research and conversations with senior management and departments on the strategy and direction for business process management within the organisation.

The Culture Of My Workplace...
Relaxed, open, optimistic

My Most Memorable Work Moment...
Prior to my current job, I recently worked as a Legal Advisor and helped negotiate a client's bill to a creditor down from over ten thousand pounds to £500 payable in 12 monthly installments. My client was eternally grateful.

My Role Models are...
Cyril Sillo (my father)
Oprah Winfrey
Barack Obama
Suzie Orman
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The Most Challenging Part of My Job...
Trying to get an opponent or differing viewpoint on my side.

The Best Part of My Job...
Creating viable solutions for individuals and businesses.

After Work...
When I get home after work at 5.30pm, I usually have dinner and then have an hour on my baby grand piano (I love this piano!) If I'm lucky, I get to play my guitar for thirty minutes. I then proceed to do some artwork for two hours, and then I work on my novel for an hour (I have written two and currently on the third). I usually find my way to my bed about midnight and sleep off around half 12!

There are not enough hours in one day, so this does not usually go in the order I have just stated. Usually I'm preparing for a conference, concert or meeting of sorts or writing a new song. I never get to watch TV!

Plan B: If I wasn't doing this, I would...
Be a female professional Formula 1 racer!