A Day In The Life

Maggie Green (nee McEneney)

Maggie Green (nee McEneney)

Posted 01 July 2017

London Program

March 2011 Intake

My Alarm Goes off... at 8:00 am. I primarily work from home and NY hours, so there is no rush to get going early.

I'm Responsible For... sales analytics and business operations for the US business of Great Place to Work. Yes, that is the name of the company, and yes, it is a great place to work for me. I lead a team that is responsible for securing sales meetings with prospects, negotiating engagement contracts, administering Salesforce.com, and providing daily/weekly data to support in the growth of our business.

I Got The Job... through networking. After I finished the MBA, I realized that I wanted to be involved in the corporate environment, however, banks and law firms were no longer where I wanted to be. I am fortunate to have stumbled upon this company nearly five years ago. They are the company that is responsible for the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list.

My Typical Day... I wake up leisurely and start working around 10 am. Most days I work New York hours, so I can easily be on calls until 10 pm. In one day, I will have several hours of meetings, negotiate contracts with clients, run and analyze team budgets, and run Salesforce.com reports. There is a lot of variety!

The Culture Of My Workplace... is full of trust. Our mission is to build a better world by helping organizations become great places to work for all. Great Places To Work For All™ are Better for Business, Better for People, and Better for the World. Having a mission critical to the future of the world is powerful. We do important work, but we manage to have fun at the same time. Since I am a telecommuter, I work extra hard to keep the personal connections with my team in the US, and I cherish the time when I see everyone in person.

My Most Memorable Work Moment... was in the summer of 2016. Our sales team was in San Francisco for a sales training. In order to mix up the long days, someone organized field day events to be held during breaks. Ten of us were playing balloon volleyball with ten balloons all at once. It was complete chaos but we had a blast. It was the perfect thing to mix up our day!

My Role Models are...

The Most Challenging Part of My Job... is constant change. We are growing, innovating, and evolving all the time. It is important so that we, as an organization, can stay competitive and further our mission, and to be successful, and employees have to be flexible and agile.

The Best Part of My Job... the people! Even though I am in a different country, I still feel cared for and supported. I have made great friends from working here, and a few I even travel with.

After Work... I enjoy meeting up with friends, exploring London with my husband, and travelling. Before work… I enjoy volunteering with the Junior League of London. I particularly like English with women in East London.

Plan B: If I wasn't doing this, I would... be retired and spending my time travelling.