A Day In The Life

Alec Butler

Alec Butler

Posted 01 November 2017

London Program

March 2016 Intake

Alec has worked as a Business Intelligence Consultant at Pomerol Partners, based in Chicago since finishing the Programme this year. He got the job whilst he was in Thailand completing his MBA, and was "excited to join, because they were such a great company to for while I was in London...". A memorable work moment involved a work trip to Strasberg, Germany with co-workers where Alec experienced a great ERP seminar and seeing some "unforgettable" sights of the German countryside.

My Alarm Goes off… at 7:00 am sharp. I like to start my day with a good breakfast and then I usually begin answering work calls or checking emails.

I'm Responsible For... managing several client projects and pre-sale engagements for the company’s US Operations. I consult with a wide variety of companies across the entire US region: Banks, Manufacturers, Healthcare systems, etc. We help them with the development and management of BI solutions across all facets of their organization.

I Got The Job... with my host company while I was in Thailand completing my MBA. I was excited to join, because they were such a great company to work for while I was in London. The bonus is I really enjoy my work and the people I have daily interactions with.

My Typical Day… usually starts with me checking on the previous day’s work to ensure that my projects are on track. After this I usually participate in an internal meeting or client meeting depending on the day. These meetings allow me time to schedule and manage my project tasks. I then develop for a couple of hours and try to have a hearty lunch while working or checking the news. After lunch I generally continue development or work on internal projects for the company. I usually try to end work at 5pm, but that never happens with consulting.

The Culture Of My Workplace... is very organic. We have a great start up mentality and open work environment. I get to sit across from my direct superiors and be part of important meetings quite frequently. We also go out for beers regularly and our international co-workers frequently visit us for work.

My Most Memorable Work Moment… is probably the work trip to Strausberg, Germany with my co-workers. We got to experience a great ERP seminar for a few days and see some unforgettable sights of the German countryside. Trips like this would never happen in another company, so I am quite grateful for that experience.

My Role Models are… Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, and Winston Churchill

The Most Challenging Part of My Job… is dealing with unruly clients who sometimes have unrealistic expectations of technology and what can be done in a given timeframe. These clients generally require a different type of project management and take up a lot of my time.

The Best Part of My Job… is probably a combination of the flexibility in my projects. I like working with complex data and designing helpful tools for different industries. The tasks aren’t repetitive which allows me to be creative.

After Work… I like to grab a quick workout or catch up with my team over beers. I usually use this time to check up on family or complete errands if I have time. I like to end my day catching up on some TV or reading before bed.

Plan B: If I wasn't doing this, I would... I would likely be doing some other Tech Consulting job that was less interesting and less meaningful.