A Day In The Life

Lisa Vecchio

Lisa Vecchio

Posted 01 December 2018

London Program

March 2006 Intake

Lisa graduated from Towson University with a Public Relations & Marketing degree before embarking on the Mountbatten London March 2006 intake. Fast forward a number of years and Lisa is now an experienced leader in B2B and B2C marketing strategy with a passion for #techforgood. She currently holds the position of Head of Marketing at Lantum, an innovative healthtech platform, with a mission to save the NHS £1bn. Lisa has also just done a podcast “with my two cents on what you need to consider as you grow as a marketer and important questions to ask along the way”.

iTunes; https://apple.co/2QdjAMd

Spotify; https://spoti.fi/2OEMfWf

Website; https://bit.ly/2JXeCiH

Current Role: Head of Marketing, Lantum

My Alarm Goes off... and I want to press snooze but don't! I treasure my sleep.

I'm Responsible For... All marketing touch points at a UK health tech startup. This includes online, offline, PR and employer brand as well as growing a small team.

I Got The Job... as a referral through an ex-colleague. I was brought in to create the marketing function from the ground up, which I have experience of doing in other startups.

My Typical Day... is split 33% senior team meetings discussing strategy, 33% planning, supporting and providing feedback to my team and 33% getting stuck in. We're a small company growing at a very fast past so no day is the same and time is very valuable because there is never enough of it.

The Culture Of My Workplace... is hungry and focused. Everyone is very passionate about achieving our mission of saving the NHS money and works very hard to achieve results to move the needle on product and market growth.

My Most Memorable Work Moment... When I was a Mountbatten working with Forrester Research I planned our customer conference and organised dinner in the walkway of Tower Bridge. It was such a memorable experience to dine over the Thames.

My Role Models are... my sisters. They are both inspiring and successful in their unique way.

The Most Challenging Part of My Job... is my commute. Working in Shoreditch would be much 'cooler' if it wasn't a slog for me to get there during rush hour.

The Best Part of My Job... is seeing successful results. Marketing is about experimenting and optimising so when we achieve positive results that create a big impact I'm happy.

After Work... I do meditative yoga to give my brain a rest, or alternatively am hunting down the latest foodie events across the city.

Plan B: If I wasn't doing this, I would... be a travel writer. I'd spend more time on my blog thesetwoeyes.com and look to monetise my travel experiences.