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Tanner Yager

Tanner Yager

Posted 01 May 2015

London Program

March 2011 Intake

Tanner Yager (March 2011 - London), a graduate of the University of Kansas, Head of Pomerol Partners USA, a new expansion of Pomerol Partners, a global consultancy focusing on big data visualization and strategy for investment banks. He runs sales operations, lead generation and heads marketing for the growing business.

"At Deutsche Bank in London I was positioned on a specialized analytics team determined to find creative ways to manage the derivatives portfolio. In our wider team, I was able to meet Pomerol's co-founder and current CEO, Fred Hefer, who was then on a similar team focusing on Prime Brokerage at DB. Fred spun out Pomerol Partners soon thereafter as I moved to NYC to manage a healthcare fund for a couple of years. In this role, I met hundreds of entrepreneurs and fulfilled a dream of being in a quasi- 'Dragon's Den' like role within the health-tech industry. Through every day meetings and large-scale tech events, I found myself inspired to run my own, forming Pomerol Partners USA this March. Since then, Pomerol has grown significantly, acquired several top tier clients, won some awards and launched a new website. We also have taken in one new Mountbatten, Brian McManamy (March 2015 - New York), who has excelled recently at Pomerol. I have also resourced a few other current Mountbattens as their term ends in August to join the Pomerol team in London.

At Pomerol, we fulfil a very unique niche to help bring investment bank's big data into 2015 using best-in-breed visualization software such as Qlik and Lavastorm. We're always looking for well-rounded and tech-savy individuals as we have an aggressive growth strategy and are trying to capitalize on the opportunity at hand. We are truly building a global business to help cultivate a smarter society from the top-down.
Mountbatten gave me a great platform to meet intelligent and awesome people that will be there for you in the long-term. But when being entrepreneurial you have to be willing to take calculated risks. Be uncomfortable, be gritty, and know how to spot opportunities when they are at your door. Take a deep breath, and take the plunge.