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Becky Kubu

Becky Kubu

Posted 01 June 2015

New York Program

May 2007 Intake

Becky Kubu (May 2007 - New York), graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, recently set up her own online clothing business:

What your company is/does, and your role in it?
Summer Fashion is an online fashion retailer that specialises in providing Spring/Summer clothing all year round. It was borne to solve the problem that whilst many of us enjoy summer abroad, an increasing number of us also choose to travel in 'winter' months whether that's for full moon parties in Ko Pha Ngan or Christmas day BBQs on Bondi beach. In essence, Summer Fashion enables the global traveller to access summer clothing when it suits them and when the rest of the fashion industry is replacing summer lines with jackets, jeans and woolly jumpers.

Our strapline is 'Always Summer Somewhere' and it's for this very reason that we exist; to provide people with summer fashion whenever they need it. My roles at Summer Fashion have evolved with the growth of the business. Initially I focused on building the brand's content strategy and social media engagement, which was fascinating. It really helped re-affirm just how much we all love summer and crave those days away from the day-to-day grind. Today, I am overseeing the product management and buying processes. This includes testing new lines and product types which is fun. For instance, this summer we are expanding into summer accessories with a new line from Hammamas. These towels are perfect for Summer Fashion customers as not only are they great beach towels, they also double up as sarongs, throws, picnic blankets, baby wraps and so much more.

What inspired you to set it up?
When I first started working towards making Summer Fashion a reality, it instantly pulled me in with how our travel, buying, and general life behaviours continue to change. My time in New York on the programme played a massive part in adjusting my own outlook on life. It certainly advanced me professionally and the business/managing information modules equipped me with many new skills. Mountbatten also provided me with experiences, memories and friendships that will stay with me forever. I certainly think that partaking in Mountbatten helped broaden my horizons and helped me to become a more well rounded individual both professionally and personally. Read Full Story.

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