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Nykia Wright

Nykia Wright

Posted 01 June 2015

London Program

October 2001 Intake

Nykia, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, owns Franchise Brokers International, she explains: "My inspiration for establishing my company was a direct result of combining my past experiences to create less contested market space for a new company. The Mountbatten programme provided me with real world opportunities and knowledge of international business, cultures, and cultural competencies. Directly after the programme, I worked in the franchise industry for five years, analyzing the financial statements of hundreds of concepts, went on to get an MBA from Dartmouth College, and even studied franchising at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India. The Mountbatten Programme was the platform upon which these subsequent opportunities were built.

I established my business by becoming a certified franchise broker and then becoming a subject matter expert in the franchising business model, both domestic and international. By focusing on becoming a subject matter expert, I have been able to weave in and out of conversations that lead to countless other opportunities. I am now focusing on building an international network that expands my brand in multiple countries.

Words of wisdom: A lot of people think they have to immediately quit their jobs and become full-time entrepreneurs. This model doesn't work for everyone. It's OK to ease into the newfound lifestyle, all the while continuing to ensure that you have a quality of life and capital to continue to fund your venture. I have met many entreprenuers who regret having left their previous jobs too early. Make the decision that allows you to sleep best at night."