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Eric Strom

Eric Strom

Posted 01 December 2015

London Program

August 2008 Intake

Eric who has featured in a previous newsletter when launching Crowd Supply, gives us the following latest update; "While we haven't raised a series A yet (hopefully in the next 6-8 months), we did raise a 1mm seed round about 5 months ago. With those funds we were able to grow a bit, and now have 6 full-time employees with potentially more on the way. With this slight growth I have (officially) become our Director of Operations and oversee most functions of the business, from crowdfunding projects to fulfilment. Here was a great piece written about us recently. We regularly ship products all over the world and now have creators coming from all over the world (Australia, India and Norway creators all launched successful campaigns in the past 4 months). Its been very rewarding to help these products get their legs and launched into the world. At its very core, crowdfunding is democratizing the way things are made, as well as what gets made. In most cases these campaigns give life to products that wouldn't exist otherwise (too risky for a bank loan or not a big enough market for a big box brand)." We hope this continues to grow, and look forward to future updates.