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Nilofar Idris Jacques (nee Haroon)

Nilofar Idris Jacques (nee Haroon)

Posted 01 February 2016

New York Program

August 2011 Intake

Nilofar recently set up a company Anayah Jewellery, an online retailer of modern Indian Jewellery and textiles such as pure Cashmere scarves from Kashmir. It is a small startup Nilofar and her husband Adam Jacques (also New York, August 2011) who got married on 24th May 2015, run from front to back.

What inspired you to set it up?
My father has always run his own businesses so he has always been an inspiration to me when deciding to start Anayah Jewellery. My experiences in New York on the Mountbatten programme gave me exposure to international markets which helped shape elements of our strategy by giving us a chance to interact with the Asian market outside of India and see first hand their buying habits and what trends were prevalent overseas.

How did you go about setting it up?
It all started when I started planning my wedding (to Adam), and realised there was a market for Asian Jewellery and Textiles. Having my family in India makes it easier to deal with suppliers and purchasing. We've been working on establishing our social media presence to reach out to our potential customers in an interactive medium. Please follow us on Instagram @Anayah_Jewellery you can also check out our website www.anayahjewellery.com.
Our future plans involve adding new product lines based on trends in the Asian Fashion Industry and to develop a presence at Asian bridal shows up and down the country. We also plan to expand our textile range and sell them in local London markets.

Any words of advice/wisdom or encouragement?
You won't know everything right away so don't let that stop you, starting a business is a continuous learning experience.
Anayah Jewellery are currently offering a 10% discount on all products on their website for Mountbatten alumni. Just add the discount code: MOUNTBATTEN at the checkout.