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Alex Melia

Alex Melia

Posted 01 February 2017

New York Program

September 2008 Intake

Social entrepreneur Alex Melia started an English elearning company (www.swooshenglish.com) over 3 years ago "with the intention to help primary and secondary school students to improve English in an exciting and engaging way through lessons with UK native English teachers". Swooshenglish teaches students from all around the world including Asia, Europe, South America, Australia and so on.

Alex is reaching out to Mountbatten Alumni as his company has a mission to teach 5000 disadvantaged students completely free of charge from some of the most impoverished countries around the world. He wants to see if you can help achieve this goal!

Alex explains, "we created an English video and exercise course (starting from a complete beginner) that students around the world can access on a learning platform. We provide them with a free login and password. The course involves pre-recorded videos presented by one of our many highly qualified UK native teachers and afterwards students complete the online exercises to reinforce their understanding.

The programme is having great success in helping over 350 disadvantaged children in Hong Kong currently. See the link below:


My plan is to reach out to MB alumni like yourselves who are in corporations or small businesses that would be interested in incorporating this into their charitable programmes or as part of their CSR strategy, or people who just want to help give back.

There are a significant amount of benefits for companies who get involved:

- Do some good for those less fortunate and give back.
- Use the programme as an opportunity to gain positive PR as a socially responsible organisation.
- Rewarding to see underprivileged children improve their English, improve their confidence, improve their education and ultimately widen their job opportunities for their future.

What do I/we have to do?

Help us to reach out to your existing charities, your senior management, relevant departments etc, or even completely new networks or contacts you have who are helping, or want to help, disadvantaged children worldwide to provide this English learning resource.

How long is the programme?

There are 6 levels and each level takes a year to complete therefore allowing a student to go from a complete beginner to am intermediate level of English. We will provide it free for the full 6 years!

What kinds of organisations/individuals are we looking to partner with?

We are very open and would love to hear from companies/individuals interested in making a difference.

Next steps?

We would love to set up a Skype call to see what ideas you may have on how we can reach out to charities, schools, governments in 3rd world countries and so forth.

Please contact Alex initially via email: alex@swooshenglish.com