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Samar Malik

Samar Malik

Posted 01 June 2017

New York Program

August 2014 Intake

Entrepreneur Samar, a graduate of Queen Mary, University of London, recently launched her own business called Table Tassels, a Luxury Linen Hire company for weddings and special occasions in the UK. Table Tassels focuses on providing unique and designer table linen and chair covers that Samar has designed and customised according to client needs. Taking on an events placement with Mountbatten straight out of university, Samar explains how she learnt about luxury events through her work with the C-suite of Investment Banks across North America.

How did you go about setting it up?
Since my Mountbatten year, I started working on my own idea of establishing a business centred around events from a creative perspective. Working full time in London, I set aside time to focus on my business after work hours and on the weekend.

What has been the proudest moment in your working life thus far?
One of my most difficult yet exciting moments was when I had to quit my job to start working on my designs and production full time. I have been really happy with the outcome and reaction to the new products, and continue to market them to new venues.

Any words of advice/wisdom would you impart to others thinking of setting up their own business?
It is risky starting your own business, and it is nonstop, but for me it is worth it. I am constantly learning something new, and I would advise anyone who has been thinking about it to just go for it. There are definitely moments of regret because of the sheer amount of work, but nothing is better than knowing you are doing this for yourself. As a motto of Table Tassels, “Our creativity has no limits because your vision is never too ambitious” and so strive high because you don’t know your potential until you widen your horizons.