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December 2011

Season's greetings, and a warm welcome to our first Mountbatten Institute Alumni Newsletter. The beginning of a new year offers the opportunity for growth and the promise of renewal, and it is our goal to support and further develop the Mountbatten Alumni Society and to encourage everyone to take advantage of the shared Mountbatten experience wherever you may be in the world.

Whether you are a recent graduate or completed your programme years ago, we want you to be aware of the benefits and opportunities available to you as Mountbatten alumni, not the least of which is your ever-expanding global network. At present twenty-four nationalities are represented in New York cohorts and ten in London. Degrees of separation from opportunities around the world lessen each year for every Mountbatten alumnus. And, the likelihood of a local connection increases as numbers near you continue to grow.

I invite you to take advantage of your Mountbatten network through participation in the Alumni Society, to share your news from around the world in future Newsletters and to reach out to fellow alumni in your area.

On our part, I am happy to share with you news of the launch of a new Mountbatten Institute website scheduled for the spring of 2012. If you would like to participate in an alumni focus group, providing feedback on its development, please email Finn Ferris. We would love to have your input.

Thank you for staying in touch, and wishing you a very happy New Year.

Warm wishes,
Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill
Director General, Mountbatten Institute

Sep 2010 intake Completion Ceremony - NYC

2012 - Year of Sport in London

Your Mountbatten internship year offered many opportunities, but how did it help you to make an impact in the world of sport?

Next year is the year of sport for London, and it would be good to hear from you, and share with others your achievements in the field of sport. Please contact Vicki.

Jasmine DeMartin (NY Sep 10) has made a significant achievement in Netball. And thanks to her, the Mountbatten ladies are still trying to fly the netball flag whilst out in New York, and a number of girls have joined the Manhattan International Netball Club (MINC).

An eager team of Mountbatten American football enthusiasts will be taking part in a 6-on-6 charity flag football tournament held at the Metlife stadium, NJ, in March of 2012. The team will hope to continue the recent success of the Rugby Sevens tournament (where our Mountbatten team narrowly lost in the final).
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Your Career

In the run up to Christmas, job vacancies are a little thin on the ground, so we thought we would share some real life search experiences of the Mountbatten Institute alumni who completed their internships in New York in October of this year. We would like to congratulate them on gaining their first post internship jobs, and to thank them for sharing their experiences and advice with soon to become alumni. To read more about who works where, how they secured that first job upon their return to the UK, and particular insights into the legal and financial worlds in London. Read full page.

We are happy to announce that the marketing assistant position we advertised on our website in October for Arnold & Porter LLP, has been filled by one of our Mountbatten alumni. To keep up to date with available jobs, or to let us know if you have an opening in your company, please contact us.



Vikki Hedges (NY Admissions Director) hosted The Edinburgh social.

2011 was the 10th Anniversary of the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York, and in commemoration, the Institute held a Memorial Concert in London to remember this fateful day and those who lost their lives in the disaster.

Other successful events the Alumni Society has held and helped organize this year include two football tournaments and an inaugural Mountbatten Alumni Scottish Society social in Edinburgh, as well as a similar event in Dublin. We hope to repeat the event next year.

Spring 2012

To coincide with the completion of the March 2011 intake, we are planning to hold an evening reception in late March/ early April (date TBC). We hope many alumni will attend the event, which will present itself as an extremely useful platform from which to launch their post internship year career, or for existing alums, who are now looking for their next career move. Keep posted via our alumni website or MIAS Facebook page for more details coming shortly.

Alum of the Month

Gareth Taylor
September 2008 - New York

"By far our most popular event was when Prince Harry came over on his first official trip...I probably didn't get off to the best start when I tried to stop the head of MI6 as he didn't have the correct invitation printed... minutes later a professional underwear model turned up without her ticket and had to keep me company in the lobby.."
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News Articles

Alumni, current and future participants are held in good stead by Mountbatten...
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Alumni Committee Updates & Announcement

At present the Alumni Committee comprises Isobel Hedges (UK Regional Director), Vicki McCordall (Alumni Coordinator), Omar Hafez (ICT Manager), Kate Finburg (NY Sep 05), Claire Sharpe (NY Sep 05), Gareth Taylor (NY Sep 08), Catherine Allcock (NY Sep 06), Douglas Oliver (NY Sep 08), Chevon Morgan (NY Sep 08) and Martin Niedernhuber (NY Sep 08).

After nearly four years serving as a key member of the Alumni Committee, and the author of the MIAS Facebook page (created summer 2008), Bruno Clarke (NY Sep 05) is bringing to an end his involvement with the Committee. Bruno recently started a new job, and is unable to give as much time to Committee issues as previously.

We would like to thank you Bruno for your time and commitment to the Mountbatten Institute Alumni Committee and Society.

If anyone would like to join the Alumni Committee and stay involved with the Mountbatten Institute, we would love to hear from you.

MIAS Facebook page will continue under Alumni Committee Authorship.

Best wishes,

Alumni Society



Let us know what you would like to read about in the newsletter. Are there any stories that you would like us to cover in our Alumni newsletter? If so, please get in touch.