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January 2012

We have been delighted by the responses we have received to our first newsletter and look forward to those continuing with subsequent issues. It is an alumni publication, so the more input we have from you (whether you did the Certificate or MBA, in New York or London), the more relevant it is to our entire alumni.

As you will see, we have similar sections to last time, such as "Your Career", "Alum of the Month" and "Events", although these may vary from time to time. Your additions will always be welcome, and in fact, it was whilst reading a couple of accounts from your responses to the previous newsletter, that the concept of Reverse Culture Shock cropped up. We would love to hear your accounts and experiences of how you found the re-adjustment back to life in your home country. Share your stories with us.

Regarding forthcoming events, you will see that we have some interesting networking/employment related events coming up in London this April, to coincide with the returning March intake from New York. These events will be open to all interested alumni, so we urge you to watch out for the details and log the diary dates.

We look forward to keeping you posted on all developments in our next month's newsletter.

Best wishes,
Vicki McCordall

Alumni Coordinator, Mountbatten Institute

Mar 2010 intake Completion Ceremony - London

2012 - Year of Sport

We are happy to continue with our sports theme in this newsletter, and have been delighted and inspired by all the accounts we have and continue to receive. So thanks so much, and keep them coming. We would be especially keen to hear what London alumni got up to during their year in the city.
Share your stories with us.

Freddie Gore-Browne (September 2010 - New York) is running 4 marathons in a week!
"On 4th March, I begin the Atacama Crossing, a 250km run across the driest desert in the world. Averaging at 40 degrees and reaching altitudes of 10,000ft many regard it as one of the hardest ultra marathons. The reason for taking part is to raise money for BLESMA. An amazing charity that provides rehabilitation and lifelong support for ex servicemen who have lost limbs. Please, if you can spare any donation, this would be hugely appreciated." Best of luck Freddie!

Jo Keyden (March 2011 - New York) relives her experience of running the New York Marathon:
"When I first found out I was coming to New York for the year, the usual thoughts went through my mind….Broadway, shopping, cocktails etc. However I also decided I would attempt to do the NY marathon. It seemed like a pipe dream and when I found out I had to raise $3000 and I was the only one from Mountbatten entering it seemed even more of a pipe dream. However with generous help from my Sponsor Company, family and friends I managed to secure a place and the only hurdle left was completing it."

"I spent 3 or 4 nights a week running around the Newport area, some more enjoyable than others. A knee brace, a new diet and a few new pairs of trainers later I was ready. On the morning of November 6th I got on the Staten Island ferry full of nerves, navigated the starter village and was on my way. The crowds, the kids cheering me and the fellow Mountbattens racing me by subway kept my spirits high and energy up to push on and over all of the bridges. It was a beautiful New York day and the feeling as I crossed that finish line in 4H22 is one I will remember for a long time. It was one of the best ways to see New York and I am over the moon I got to run the race with so many amazing and inspiring people. The money I raised was for the African Leaderships Foundation."

The Mountbatten Barons is a Mountbatten rugby squad of 15 players that competed on 26 Nov 2011 in the New York Rugby 7’s Competition on Randall’s Island for the first time. Read full story.

Your Career

In this section, we focus on what our international alumni have been doing post programme, in particular, how they secured that first position post MI. So, whether it's in New York, London, Sydney and many more cities, thank you to all alums who have contacted me, and please keep the information coming.

Erica Davis (March 2010 - London), graduated with her MBA in July 2011 and she shares her story of post MBA life and how she used her degree in the business world to secure a position as a first year business analyst. Read Erica's article.

Lancelot Yu (May 2000 - New York) is pursuing a lifelong dream to become a High School Teacher after following a career in Human Resources. After finishing a Masters of Teaching, Lancelot became a History/Social Sciences/Commerce teacher at Stromlo High School in Canberra, Australia. He now spends his time teaching, and recommending the Programme to all his students!

Martin Corrigan (September 2010 - New York) had extremely unfortunate circumstances surrounding his return to Manchester, UK last year.
"I returned home earlier than anticipated because my Dad fell ill and subsequently passed away. Mountbatten and Deutsche were really supportive and I was able to complete the remainder of the programme from Manchester, which made an awful situation more bearable. Given family commitments, I've decided to stay here for the time being, rather than heading to London or farther afield, which means less job opportunities given my limited geographical scope." Find out how Martin approached finding employment in Manchester.

Nick Agnew (March 2010 - London) is currently a Financial Controller at Deutsche Bank AG New York. Nick is responsible for a Pre-Issuance Pack for the rates business that acts as a summary of reconciliations and reporting from an accounting to finance perspective used by financial directors when finalising reported activity of the business monthly, quarterly, and annually. In addition, he's taken on responsibilities reconciling accounting to financial cash flow reporting, and a daily process in which rates OTC derivative positions held by New York are used to calculate cost remittance to Deutsche Bank's central office in Frankfurt via rates quoted by money market traders calculated on a 360 day convention.
We wish him very good luck in his endeavours.


An opportunity to work for Mountbatten:
Personal Assistant to the Director General, Mountbatten Institute, New York. Full job details.



MIAS committee members with fellow alums at End of Summer Get-Together.
September 2010 - London.

4th April 2012
4.30pm - 7.00pm

This is a free event held by Robert Walters recruitment consultancy at their modern and plush offices in Covent Garden, London. It is an afternoon/early evening drinks reception specifically for Mountbatten alumni. Further details will follow shortly.

24th April 2012
6.30pm - 8.30pm

This is an Alumni Committee/Mountbatten "Welcome Back" drinks party and a networking opportunity at The Gable bar, city of London. It promises to be a relaxed and informative evening, with new and "old" alumni, Mountbatten staff from London and New York, Alumni Committee Members, as well as alumni guest speakers. Don't miss this opportunity to network, make new contacts, renew existing ones, and have some fun. Keep an eye on our Alumni Website, Facebook page, and forthcoming Alumni Newsletter issues for more details and how to secure your invitation.

Alum of the Month

Jasmine De Martin
September 2010 - New York

"Whilst in New York I was successful in gaining a position on the East Coast Jaguar USA Representative Netball Team. I played all over New York, Connecticut and Canada. My final game was broadcasted live form the Prudential Centre, Newark NJ, supporting the WNBA..."
Read full story


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Alumni Committee Updates & Announcement

The Alumni Committee has been fairly quiet during the month of January in London, but with the addition of a new member, Jennifer Way (September 2010 - New York), and our 24th April Alumni Welcome Back Drinks Reception to organise, we look forward to lots of activity during the next few months.

Thank you again for your time and committment,

Alumni Society



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