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July 2012

Well, it's really been a bit of a washout so far in the UK this summer, but neverthless, we have found plenty of things to celebrate and this looks set to continue well into August. Andy Murray was this year's Wimbledon Men's Singles runner up to a majestic Roger Federer, and now the Olympic opening is almost here. We are privileged to be able to publish an Alumni's very own Olympic Torch Bearing account in this issue, in addition to some fun anecdotes about your American Independence Day celebrations.

Please find all the regular items such as jobs, with the very latest opportunities including openings to act as Russian Hosts; and our Alum of the Month, Louise Chatfield, who did her internship in New York back in 1992!

Olympic Torch Bearing Alumni

Our star feature this month has to be Benjamin-A Lee's (March 2011 - London) Olympic Torch bearing experience. Ben was selected to run part of the Olympic Torch Relay in Birmingham on 30th June 2012, and sent us this once in a life time account of his day, and inspiring background story. Read Full Story.

Thanks Ben for sharing your treasured memories and we would like to wish you the very best of luck with your related projects.

Independence Alumni

To help join in the American Independence Day festivities, we asked our alumni what they had done to celebrate the occasion during their internship year in New York. We had some lively feedback!

Coral Briggs (March 2009 - New York) "I spent my first ever July 4th celebration with 3 fellow Mountbattens on the Jersey Shore. We went to visit an American friend who was renting a beach house in Belmar for the summer. We spent the entire weekend with 20+ Americans who couldn't have been more inviting. We decorated the house with flags, played beer pong, had bbqs, rode bikes, went dancing and had the time of our lives! The highlight came when we found ourselves on stage in a local bar after winning a best dressed competition. We were decked out head to toe in stars and stripes, belting out the national anthem in our best American accents! I still wonder if they knew we were British..."

Gregor Hopkins (May 2008 - New York) "This picture was taken on a rooftop in Brooklyn on the 4th of July 2008. Me (green stripey top) along with a few of my fellow May 08 intake buddies were invited to a BBQ of a friend that Sarah (in front of me) had made on the bus to D.C. a couple of weekends before. A fab time was had by all, and we made some friends for life that day."


Volunteer in NYC

12 August 2012
7am - 2pm - Yankee Stadium
5k Runyon

Volunteering for the Runyon 5K is a fun way for friends, co-workers and family members to take part in this unique event and will help us make it a great success! We're looking for enthusiastic and reliable people to help out with everything from set-up and breakdown to cheering on participants as they run or walk a 5K through Yankee Stadium in support of cancer research. Most of the volunteer activities take place on the day of the event but there are volunteer opportunities prior to race day. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Register now.

More volunteering opportunities.

Alum of the Month

Louise Chatfield
January 1992 - New York

"Winning our biggest legal case was a highlight. The long hours endured over a long period of time were well worth it. Also, going to work in the Pan Am building, walking through Grand Central Station was breath-taking. I was still pinching myself at the end of my year."
Read full story.

Job Opening

A brand new opportunity put forward by Mark Edward Rasmussen (May 2008 - New York), who has set up his own company 'Live like a Londoner' - An opportunity for Alumni to earn some xtra cash in their spare time. By acting as a Russian host...
Full Details here.

In the next edition

What would you say has been your post Mountbatten career highlight to date?
Send us your answers.

Chris Corlett (May 2002 - New York) "My 4th July 2002 was spent at Coney Island, the highlight of which was the Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest, where a small Japanese man named Kobayashi set a new record and ate more than twice as many hotdogs - 50 wieners and baps in 12 minutes, if my memory serves me correctly - as any of his (considerably larger) competitors. It was a quite unique experience. The competition is still going strong, I believe."

Conor Chapple (May 2008 - New York) "I was absolutely determined to visit a photographic exhibition of New Yorkers celebrating the 4th July from the 19th and 20th Century at South street seaport. Not exactly everyone's idea of an exciting trip out, but being the patron of the arts that I am, found it absolutely fascinating. I felt very privileged to look into the faces of New Yorkers from a bygone era celebrating their countries Independence Day from the luxury mansions of Manhattan all the way to Harlem."

Thank you for all your contributors, and sorry we couldn't print them all.

Your Career

More alumni have also been experiencing the positive effects of the Mountbatten reputation when looking for employment post Programme; for instance, Louise Chatfield (January 1992 - New York): "Alums should be encouraged to mention Mountbatten on their CVs. I found that some of the recruitment agencies I spoke to would invite a candidate to register with them if they had been awarded a Mountbatten Certificate."

Pardeep Deol (May 2007 - New York): "I was moving to Dubai for a contarct role, and wanted to pass on feedback that my recruiter said to me recently from there. It was a recruiter who relocated from London himself, but he mentioned that one of the things that stood out to him was the fact that I was a Mountbatten. Not for the New York experience alone, but the calibre of professionals who come out of the programme are notable more mature in their attitude to work, which he highly respects."

So make sure you highlight the programme on your CV as it is becoming well known, especially in the London based finance industry.

Two alumni have recently gained new jobs through Prospect 33, as advertised on our website, one actually on the agency's own staff, and the other was placed as a Business Analyst for a London Client. We would like to say well done, and wish you good luck with your career paths.

Alumni Committee Updates

The Alumni Committee is taking a summer break and will resume in September with a full events agenda for the Autumn.



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