Alumni Newsletter

February 2014

It might seem a little premature, but spring seems to be springing already this year and with this, our thoughts turn to the March group leavers from the Programme. The soon to become new group of alumni will be looking to take that step in the next stage of their international careers beyond the Programme and so, at this time, we ask all of you well established alumn to contact us if you know of any job openings/opportunities which may be suitable for a recently returned Mountbatten.

It's definitely Awards Season at present. In addition to the London completion ceremony below, the most recent MBA graduates can view a video of their leaving ceremony in Bangkok and our Day in the Life of... Shella Palmer works for BAFTA and recently attended the famous ceremony as part of her job!

Other news includes the exciting announcement regarding our academic partner, St Mary's University, which has recently been given full University status by the British Privy Council.

Also, the lates British American Network Magazine featured an article entitled "Why Business Needs International Exchange" by Dr Paul Beresford Hill (Director General).

We also include sections such as Alum of the Month and Charitable Alumni (with a particularly heartbreaking real life fundraising appeal), as well as our popular Jobs section.


Alum of the month

Laura McNally
March 2010 - New York

"Working on 5th Avenue meant that literally every day was a highlight... I used to strut down from the PATH station at 33rd Street up to 42nd every day thinking I was Carrie Bradshaw. We also shared the floor with Marc Anthony productions so I ran into J-Lo one day – I tried to act casual but burst with excitement instead."
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March 13 Completion & Awards Ceremony - London

On Wednesday 12th February, interns, staff and guests gathered for the March 2013 intake awards ceremony at The Brewery in Moorgate. Guests were welcomed with a drinks reception which was followed by the main ceremony. Gary Ball (Deputy Director General) presented the awards to candidates while speeches were given by our alum Andrew Douglas (September 1998 - New York) who is a Principal Consultant at Hudson & Yorke, Calli Lawson (MBA) and Dave Hutchison (Postgraduate Certificate). All speakers kept the audience entertained during the ceremony with anecdotes of the highlights of their year, with Andrew being able to share his experience and a little wisdom learnt along the way. Other guests included Dr Geoff Paul (St Mary's University), Johanna Lindemann (Faculty) and John Forgan (Faculty). There were also company representatives from both Morgan Stanley and Barclays and representativies from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Leeds.

Dinner was then served in the Queen Charlotte room, towards the end of which was shown a slideshow of the March 2013 intake's year. What was particularly noticeable about this group, was the impressive roster of countries and cities they had collectively visited during their time on the Programme.

Mountbatten would like to congratulate and wish the best of luck to all participants. We look forward to seeing you again at our upcoming 30th anniversary celebrations! Full details & Photo album.

A day in the life of...

Shella Palmer (August 2011 - New York), who was incidentally our Alum of the month for April 2013, currently works as the Events Co-ordinator for British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). She lives in London. "My day usually starts around 7:30am when I jump out of bed and head straight to work, although it was the EE British Academy Film Awards on Sunday 16th Feb so I'm a bit slower this week. I'm based at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, the iconic headquarters of the famous awards, where we have a members bar and restaurant, two private cinemas and various function spaces. I always have breakfast on site because it's so great, although normally it's just a flat white and toast with English marmalade, made by the Head Chef Anton Manganaro. The Film Awards themselves are organised by a production team who work year-round on the event but BAFTA is a charity and they host over 350 events a year ranging from master classes and Q&A's to screenings of the latest films (often before they're released in the UK).
The work I do is split between managing BAFTA events and commercial events at the venue. This means that my morning spent responding to enquiries, particularly this week following the profile of the weekend's awards.
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Charitable Alumni

Sarah Maund (March 2010 - New York) and Alum of the month for December 2013, currently works within St James Property Developer as Berekely Foundation Representative for St James North. It was initially created in order to establish a working relationship with their designated charity (North London Hospice) but she is now responsible for all the fundraising events, job creation activities and staff welfare.

Sarah explains what led her to be involved in a personal fundraising effort which came out of her work: "When I first visited the North London Hospice I met Tim. Tim and I have now become very good friends. He's 27, an avid Spurs supporter and makes me laugh a ludicrous amount. Four years ago he was a perfectly healthy young man. He'd graduated in Maths from Kings College University of London and his future looked bright. Like many graudates do, he decided to take a year out to travel. He hadn't been in New Zealand long when he suffered a seizure. It took his family two weeks and cost them £20,000 to get him back home as he was only able to travel with a doctor and two nurses in case he suffered another seizure in the air. On returning to the UK Tim was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. In November, his dad told me that there is now nothing that medically can be done and it is just a case of waiting. I have decided to set myself a personal challenge (alongside St James's money raising challenge) to help the hospice. I have decided to spend 4 days next October trekking across the Sahara. I really hope you would be able to help me with a donation. I need to raise at least £1500 to be able to go (but I hope to raise more). It has stopped being about my job and has now become personal."


CSTechnology (UK) Ltd, an IT consultancy firm, is actively seeking to recruit graduates for their UK based office according to our alumni contact there, who himself has done extremely well in the company and views this as a great opportunity for returners; there is a New Business Originations Manager role available in Reading and, a number of administrative PA/EA type roles as well. For full details of all of these and other current vacancies, please go to our alumni website.