September 2016 Edition

A Fruitful Harvest

There's a definite back to school/end of summer/seasonal change in the air now, but not before we round up an eventful summer with 2 Mountbatten weddings, and an Olympic/Paralympic account, amongst our other regular features. We also want to mention how well our new Webinar Recruitment Campaign is going, and if you would like to get involved with this (we aim to have at least one alum present in each session), please let Vicki know.

Our alum, Marina Fernandez (London, Aug 2011), was lucky enough to be in London when the Olympics and Paralympics were being held in 2012. Marina shared with us how her intake was able to enjoy all sorts of attractions, and she went to see the beach volleyball and the women's football final. "With a big group of Mountbattens, we were all dressed up and had the flags of our country, and it was lovely", she says. This year, the Olympics and Paralympics were being held in her home country, and Marina had the opportunity to go again! She describes how "Brazil won its first medal in shooting right on the first day, and we realised what a great event we were holding. Tickets were still available and hotel prices had dropped due to low occupancy rates, so everyone started packing their things, buying their tickets and heading out to Rio. Brazilians were again the happiest and fun nation, cheering like crazy in all the Olympic events, enjoying the houses that had been set up by several countries... I went to Rio and watched the water polo and really enjoyed the Olympic village atmosphere. All of a sudden the Olympics were over, and Paralympic tickets sold an amazing 140 thousand tickets in less than 24 hours". Thank you for sharing this with us Marina.

Mountbatten Weddings

We are delighted to share the news of 2 Mountbatten Weddings, Stephanie Robertson (New York, May 2006) to Ben Butterworth (New York, September 2006), and Matt Smidebush (London, August 2010) to Wendy Yau (London, March 2009).

Joanna Stevenson (New York, September 2001), recently gave us the wonderful news that her cousin, Stephanie Robertson (New York, May 2006) met her now husband, Ben Butterworth (New York, September 2006) - lefthand photo - whilst they were on the New York programme. The couple, and cousin Stephanie, plus guests celebrated their wedding this August in Pitlochry.

Meanwhile, Matt Smidebush (London, August 2010) and Wendy Yau (London, March 2009) - righthand photo - got married on July 9, 2016 in Walnut Creek, California, near where Matt grew up. Among the attendees were the following Mountbatten alumni: Mark Schulz, Jennifer Stokes, Ha My Vu, Christy Tirado, Pete Kruse, Kat Murphy and Anthony Suh (London, August 2010), Aubrey Khaleel, Mario Ramriez, Obediah Samuel (London, August 2009), and the couple, Gregory Hilkert (London, August 2010), Anna Smidebush (London, August 2014).

Congratulations to both couples and we wish them a long and happy future together.

of the Month

Michelle Terry
New York, Sep 1998

"My year on Mountbatten was the making of me (according to my sister). It was the first time I had lived on my own... first time I had had to do my own washing, food shopping and cooking (hardly)!... I am now a qualified barrister specialising in crime and regulatory law and Director of MT Legal Ltd (my own company), which I hope to grow and establish a brand for."

Read the full article


Thu 29 Sep 2016

Robert Walters is holding their bi-annual Mountbatten Registration Evening at their Head Office in London on Thu 29 Sep, 5.30 - 8.30pm.​ This is a fantastic chance to interview with a specialist consultant, network with your fellow Mountbattens and discuss potential job opportunities over drinks and canapés. Register for the event and get all the details.

August 15 Awards Ceremony - New York

Over 100 students attended the New York Completion Ceremony at the Yale Club on Friday, August 5th, 2016. The student speaker, as selected by her peers, was Ms Charlie Parker.

Ms Seema Iyer an Attorney, Writer and Legal Analyst was the Guest Speaker. Ms. Iyer, whose criminal defense and civil rights law firm is in Manhattan, previously served as Assistant District Attorney with the Bronx, NY District Attorney’s Office. She analyzes legal stories on MSNBC, CNN, HLN and FOX, on The Bollywood Lawyer podcast, as well as on the Sirius XM satellite radio network. The evening's featured artist was Susan Keser, a professional violinist with over 35 years of professional playing experience, who has performed internationally for 3 major world-class symphonies, including one National Orchestra.

See the full award list and view photos.

A Day In The Life

Victoria Boutan

London, August 2012

Victoria, a graduate of Trinity University, School of Business, San Antonio, TX just celebrated her 1 year anniversary with Nike in the role of Global Process Manager for the Direct-to-Consumer Supply Chain in Portland, Oregon. Victoria manages a variety of globally run supply chain programs for & Niketown stores across Europe, North America, Japan, China, and the Emerging Markets. Examples include end-to-end product fulfilment of the new Nike+ App which launched in August, high price point product launches such as Jordan shoes, and all Cart2Home initiatives such as enabling consumer pick up points in China & Japan or next day delivery in Europe. In her free time Victoria enjoys hiking, travelling, yoga, and trips to the Oregon coast and Cascade mountains with her boyfriend (a London March 2012 Mountbatten alumni) of 4 years.

Read the full article.

Entrepreneurial Alumni

Gregory Brill

London, March 2010

Gregory, a graduate of Washington & Lee University (BA) and Cornell University – Johnson Graduate School of Management (MBA in Technology), is the Co-Founder of Thread Learning a lead tablet application startup for teachers working with autistic and special needs children. The application improves efficiency & quality of care by allowing critical data collection and analysis to be done electronically. Thread Learning has secured its first beta user, Hawthorne Foundation (500-employee/400-student organization for children with autism).

Gregory got his first inspiration for his business idea during his time on the Programme in London where he realized that he loved technology and that he wanted this to be his career focus. His interest in autism and special needs came through his volunteering activities. Read full article.


Many of you are aware that our webinar Q&A sessions in both London and New York are well underway, with a bespoke session due at St Andrew's University on 19th October 6.30-7.30pm. If you are a graduate of the university and are available, Vicki would love to hear from you. Remember, you don't need to be in St Andrews, just have access to a laptop/tablet/iPhone at the scheduled time.

We also have a full schedule of university careers fairs and presentation visits in both the U.S. and UK, but most urgently, if anyone is free and would like to assist on Wednesday 28th September 1-4pm at City University's Banking, Finance & Consulting Fair, please let us know. Other Universities coming up are University of Leeds (10th October), Nottingham University (10th October), QMUL on 11th October, and UCL on 12th October.

Please check the schedule for the London programme, and contact Jo. Also, check the schedule for the New York programme and contact Vicki if you would like to assist in any way. As an alum of both the programme and your university, your input is proving extremely helpful when speaking to potential candidates, and we are very grateful for any assistance you provide.


This Thursday 29th September, Robert Walters is holding their bi-annual Mountbatten Registration Evening at Robert Walters Head Office in London between 5.30 and 8.30pm.​ Do come along to discuss potential job opportunities over drinks and canapés.

In addition, we have job openings for a PA to the Chairman at SRi Sports Media and Entertainment based in London, and also a Client Relationship Assistant for Sandaire Investment, a Private Investment company in London.

Both roles given to us by alumni with new alumni in mind. All the details for these roles and all others, please go to our alumni website.

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