October 2016 Edition

Autumn Treats

This edition is packed full of alumni successes and achievements with our Star Feature alum Sourajit Aiyer (London, March 2009) having published 2 books in 2 years! Our Asian connection features prominently in this issue, whilst the entrepreneurial spirit continues to bring new ventures. Personal relationships are also in the spotlight again, with us celebrating another 2 Mountbatten weddings, again illustrating that the programme doesn't just enhance your professional life!

We would also like to highlight a fundraising endeavour for a cause very near and dear to alum Pamela Migalska (London, August 2012). When Pamela moved to South Africa to join fellow alum (and boyfriend) Dave Hutchison in July, she wasn't quite prepared for the visible inequalities she has been experiencing in her new home. Pamela describes how "Justice, is a 'family friend' of sorts we met when we hired him to paint our flat - and when I heard his story I decided I needed to try and help him meet his ambitious goal of completing a series of courses that would allow him to change his circumstances and make a liveable wage working on large international cargo vessels". They are half way there with their fundraiser, and believe a little act of kindness could really revolutionize his and his family's life. Find out all details.

2 books in 2 years

We are delighted to share with you the news that Sourajit Aiyer (London, March 2009) has written a second book, and it is now available to pre-order online. Its title is "Capital Market Integration in South Asia: Realizing the SAARC Opportunity". It is published by UK’s Reed Elsevier Publishers, in association with Cass Business School, UK & Griffith University, Australia. Check out this one-page synopsis on the book.

Congratulations to Sourajit on his brilliant achievement!

of the Month

Ishan Kukade
London, Mar 2013

"I am restarting my defunct family business of Financing - quite a challenge it is. I have raised capital and financed personal, gold, vehicle and business loans through my own firm... I (also) have private equity in, an online lending platform that is tied up with Bajaj Finance (a leading finance firm in India). Loanmeet uses computer algorithms and more than 100 data points to analyse a borrower…My activity was covered by THE WEEK magazine: "Lending A Hand".

Read the full article

A Day In The Life

Alexander Battle (New York, August 2011), a graduate of Loughborough University, UK, who currently works as an Account Executive (New Business) for LinkedIn based in Sydney; they partner with SMBs across Australia & NZ to help them leverage LinkedIn's network for hiring & branding purposes. Alex describes how "There is a really good vibe in the office and everyone is pretty young and fun. We have a gym, all the food & drinks you could want, arcades, video games, table tennis etc. We work hard but we also play hard". Read the full article.

Mountbatten Weddings

We are delighted to announce that Evelyn Rebekah Ignatius and Vikram Kumar Kannan (New York, March 2014), got married in Chennai on April 20th 2016. Eva explains that although they are both from India, they didn't know each other before the programme, and they started dating only in the US, "which was and is very special to both of us". She goes on to say that "Mountbatten played a vital role for us both personally and professionally. We are currently also doing well in our careers. Vikram (my husband) works for State Street Pvt Ltd here, and I am currently working for Societe Generale Global Solutions Centre in India".

Slightly more recently, Kirsten Johnson and Chris Riach (New York, September 2006) were married on Chris' family farm just outside St Andrews, Scotland on Saturday 27 August 2016. The wedding was well attended by Mountbatten alumni, with 15+ being part of the big day. The couple first met on their flight from London to New York to commence the programme!

We wish both couples a long and happy future together, and thank them for sharing their lovely photographs with us.

Entrepreneurial Alumni

Sarah Hatcher

New York, September 2005

Sarah, whom we recently reported in our August 2016 newsletter completed her MBA at Cranfield School of Management where she was awarded the prestigious Odger's prize for Student with the most management potential, has just set up a business with her sister Alison. The duo have set up Studio One, London's first Mayfair style chic health and wellbeing studio which gives to charity as you work out! Their "Feel Good, Do Good" mantra is centred around giving you time to feel good through health and wellbeing whilst giving back via the charitable model. The studio is set in the heart of Islington and offers weekend workshops, and regular Reformer Pilates, Barre, Boxing, Pre and Post Pregnancy fitness and dynamic to restorative yoga. So whether you’re a regular in the area or just looking for the odd workout Studio One will have something to offer. Check out their discount Yoga offer for all Alumni!

Tara Killmer, MAEL

London, August 2014

Tara, a graduate of Cleveland State University, OH, completed her MA in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Global Business with Mountbatten in August 2015, and currently works for a media entertainment company specializing in film and television finance, development and production. In addition, Tara has also recently been involved in the launch of, a website and social media platform aimed at encouraging female engagement in sports, through easy to read and entertaining content. It is also Tara’s responsibility to determine the best method for growing the site. Here she describes how she got involved in this project and sees it going forward... "When I returned from London, a friend from high school reached out to see if I could help her with a business she wanted to start... I went in expecting to offer some suggestions and left a fully committed partner!". Read the full article


We would like to extend our gratitude to those alumni who have been assisting our London and New York recruitment teams on the university trail this Autumn. We still have a few to go before the Festive Season sets in, including a webinar at Nottingham University on Friday 11th November from 12-1pm. With webinars you don't have to be in the location in person, but just have access to your iPhone/tablet/ laptop for instance.

Please check the schedule for the London programme, and contact Jo. Also, check the schedule for the New York programme and contact Vicki if you would like to assist in any way. As an alum of both the programme and your university, your input is proving extremely helpful when speaking to potential candidates, and we are very grateful for any assistance you provide.


Hot off the press, and both given to us by fellow alumni, the latest positions include a Campus Recruitment Coordinator for BNP Paribas in Marylebone, London, ideal for an alum who did an HR placement and is now wanting the next big move into a campus team in investment banking; and, SRi Sports Media and Entertainment, also based in London, require an Executive Assistant to the Global Managing Director. All the details for these roles and all others, please go to our alumni website.

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