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May 2018 Edition

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This newsletter also celebrates the marriage of HRH Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle and all the significance this has for furture Anglo-American relations. Many congratulations to them both as we welcome this new chapter and the positive impact it may have on the future.

In addition to our regular sections, we have our own Mountbatten wedding to celebrate, and 2 alumni supporting eachother by joining an expedition in the quest to break a World Record for the Highest Dinner Party on Mount Everest no less! The bar just gets higher.

Highest Dinner Party

On 8th May alum Sadie Whitelocks (New York, March 2010), who works for MailOnLine, went on an expedition with former Special Forces officer Neil Laughton, who was leading a team of intrepid dinner party guests to Everest's North Col to smash the World Record for the highest dinner party. Sadie's good friend and fellow alum, Jane Chynoweth (New York, March 2010), was also amongst the team, who all had to scale a 1km-high ice wall as they navigated their route being careful to avoid gaping crevasses. Once they had reached their destination, one of the mountain Sherpas stood in as chef and served the food that had been prepared by two-Michelin Star chef Sat Bains, before being freeze-dried and flown to Tibet.

Sadie had met Laughton through a mutual friend, and signed up for his extreme dining adventure after having a brief coffee with him in London. The trip combined Sadie's love of socialising with extreme mountaineering, however, in Sadie's words, "there was a point where I thought I'd bitten off more than I could chew... but thankfully with some determination and support from my team members, I made it to the world's highest dinner party for what will be one of my most memorable meals for years to come!"

Many congratulations to Sadie, Jane and the team, whose expedition raised funds for the mountaineering charity Community Action Nepal.

You can read the full article and other related articles here:

of the Month

Mansoor Shar
New York, Sep 2010

"My long-term ambition is to make a tangible impact towards the expansion of the space economy. This means both in terms of the size of the economy (currently over $300bn) and to expand humanity's sphere of influence in our solar system out to cis-lunar space and beyond. Along the way, I hope to inspire others to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects) as I am particularly fond of public outreach and education."

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Our alumni engagement platform continues to grow, and we are not far off our 2,000 members mark. It's such a great way of connecting with fellow alumni across intakes, Programs, cultures and locations, as well as having facilities to organise your local events/re-unions; and also find out about job openings that will give priority to alumni applications.

It's really easy to join, and you can do it straight from you LinkedIn/Facebook account.

Mountbatten Wedding

Jennifer Way and Tom Thain both of the New York September 2010 intake, shared with us the lovely news that they got married on 28th April 2018 at Shustoke Farm Barns in Warwickshire. Amongst the wedding party were 20 alumni, some of whom are pictured with the New York taxi cab. We send our congratulations and best wishes from all of us at Mountbatten.

Entrepreneurial Alumni

Zac Liew

London, March 2016

Zac, did a law degree at Bristol University, and attended City University London for his Bar Professional Training. His placement for his Mountbatten year was in the corporate banking sector, and after that, worked in a number of tech companies. This combination of corporate finance and tech lured him into the FinTech space. In January of this year he co-founded Curlec (, a FinTech company making it easy for businesses to collect recurring payments via the Direct Debit payment mechanism. Historically, this has been a paper-based and manual process in Malaysia. FinTech has made this electronic and fully automated.

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A Day In The Life

Hannah Stanton

New York, September 2009

Hannah did her BA (Hons) in American & Canadian Studies at Birmingham University, before joining the Program. During her Mountbatten year, Hannah was placed at UBS, but on her return to the UK decided corporate wasn't for her, and so did a Masters in TV Journalism at City University. After working in TV and documentaries for 5-6 years, Hannah began working for the International development charity, WaterAid in 2016. In her current role as a Film Producer for the charity, Hannah and her team act as an internal agency with the aim of "bringing our work to life for audiences in the UK".

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In The News

In last month's newsletter we publicised David Mantle's (New York, September 2007) company Stashbee (, who had just announced its' equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. Well, they smashed their GBP £500,000 investment target within 3 days of going live, and have now started their first ever advertising campaign on the London Underground. It's not too late for you to join the campaign on Seedrs, you can go via their website. Many congratulations to David and his Stashbee team - we look forward to future developments.

Mountbatten Fantasy Premier League Champion

Back in July 2017 we launched our own Mountbatten Fantasy Football League, which was open to the global Mountbatten community including alumni, current trainees (NY, London & Bangkok), host managers and staff. Now that the season is over, we have a winner. Out of the 72 individual's who entered teams, the winner with the most points overall (2279) is Jack Pass (New York, March 2011) with his fantasy team Kodjia Be Loved. Many congratulations Jack, and your prize is on it's way. Incidentally, there were some great team names such as Digestive Busquets, Who Ate All Depays?, Cesc And The City, and Egg Fried Reus to name a few. Watch this space for the next League.

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