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A Great Start to a New Year

January 2019 Edition

As January draws to a close, and Christmas already seems a long time ago, the professional lives of our alumni seem to have hardly taken a Festive Break. An entrepreneur describes in detail what is involved in setting up a skincare and sun protection company in Australia; our Day in Life article features an alum who is a senior project manager for Department of Health and Human Services in North Carolina; whilst our Alum of the Month works from home from her base in Portland, OR.

Elsewhere at Mountbatten, at the beginning of January, Dr Paul Beresford-Hill invited Bangkok based alumni to a Mountbatten brunch in the city, providing a fun social/networking opportunity.

On a social note, a London based alumna is doing a shout out for other women who might be interested in joining her American football womens' team. All the details are below.

Calling all Wannabe London Womens American Footballers

"The London Warriors American Football Programme has a women's team and we want you to get involved! 2014 was the start of the Women's flag team and in 2015 the second year of existence they won the National Flag Championship. 2015 also was the start of the Women's kitted team, the first year they played in the 5 v 5 league and they were conference champions! They have since moved up to the National Division to play 7 v 7 so they can compete for the National Championship.

We are currently in the middle of our kitted team's season and looking to see if you would be interested in joining us next season as we aim to be the pioneers to build the sport in the UK for women.

My personal experience - I have been playing for two years with the programme and started off without a clue! This is even after my year spent in NYC. Since playing I have made lifelong friends, developed my skills and even played on a national level. It's a really exciting sport to be a part of and a real challenge outside of day to day work."

Tara Mardi (New York, Aug 2015)

Please contact Tara if you are interested in getting involved:

of the Month

Leah Arnold
London, Mar 2011

"I was lucky enough to get hired full time by Forrester in San Francisco as a Marketing Associate... I am still at Forrester and on to my 8th year. I transitioned into a sales position and have been successful throughout my career here. I live in Portland OR, can work from home, and just won a trip to Hawaii for last year's performance. The internship was well worth it!"

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Refer a friend

Know someone that would like to start their #MountbattenLife in London or New York?

Submit their information to our Refer-A-Friend program and, if they're placed, both you and they will receive an Amazon gift card worth £40/$50!

Bangkok Reunion

At the beginning of the year Dr Paul Beresford-Hill invited Thai alumni for a brunch with staff in Bangkok. The event, which was well attended, was held on Saturday 5 Jan 2019 at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park.

1. Amorpol Huvanandana (CIE, New York, Mar 2006), 2. Phenthip Chomprang, 3. Nisa Chamat, 4. Arpapat Kanchana (PGC London, Aug 2013 & MA New York, Aug 2015), 5. Pamina Varunyou (MA London, Mar 2015), 6. Patchara Siriwoen (PGC New York, Mar 2011), 7. Duangporn Nauwaphut (MA New York, Mar 2015), 8. Chayanin Patharapath (PGC New York, Mar 2011), 9. Sarayu Hangchaicharoen (MBA London, August 2015), 10. Pojanee Trongkamonmard (PGC New York, Sept 2008), 11. Isaree Leelasuwan (MA London, Mar 2015), 12. Thongthai Abbas Daoruang (PGC New York, Aug 2016), 13. Nattapon Chansivanon (PGC New York, Aug 2014), 14. Shinapa Duangchinda, 15. Witsarut Duangchinda (CIE, New York, Jan 2007), 16. Jeff Simcox, 17. Suchada Supakan (CIE, New York, May 2007), 18. Salisa Randy (CIE, New York, Sept 2006)

A Day In The Life

Brandon Rollings

London, March 2012

Brandon, a graduate of University of Colorado Boulder and London Program, March 2012, trained at eWaterways whilst on the Program, and met his now wife, Sarah (same intake) just 3 weeks before both completing their year. Fast forward to now, and Brandon is Special Projects Manager with North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services, has been married to Sarah nee Greer for over 4 years and is the proud father of a daughter with a son due at the end of March.

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Entrepreneurial Alumni

Ava Matthews

New York, March 2010

Ava and her business partner have just founded and launched a skin-protective brand called Ultra Violette (, a range that combines skincare ingredients with high powered SPF protection and is created for everyday use. They are both directors but have split responsibilities - Ava looks after marketing, creative, branding, collaborations, design, website, and her business partner handles logistics and operations including fulfilment, legal, finance. They both share strategy and product development!

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In The News

Airsorted founded by James Jenkins-Yates and Tom Jones (both New York March 2012) has been named one of 30 start-ups joining Tech Nation's Upscale Programme as featured in Forbes Magazine.

The Plum Guide, co-founded by Alex Lee (New York, August 2012), is currently being featured at #55 in Harper's Bazaar 100 greatest travel experiences in the world. Bazaar's 2019 travel guide is out now.

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